We at KVL endeavour to solve the most complex tasks and achieve an ongoing improvement in the quality of services offered. For equipment manufactured by us, full guarantee is assumed.
Our goal is to provide our Customers with a service that suits their demands the best and matches the requirements of the given field. The commitment of our company to quality is evident by the fact our company has had a qualification according to MSZ EN ISO 9001/2009. Due to our customer-centred way of thinking, ourspecial custom made product developments form an important and integral part of our business policy. We are proud of the fact that we have succeeded in combining our extremely high quality services with affordable prices.
Undertaking, design, manufacture, on-site surveying and installation, maintenance and trade are performed and managed by associates with a great experience. Should a peak load exceeding our own capacity occur in the field of execution, then subcontractors performing an excellent job, qualified by ourselves, shall be employed to expand our capacity